Lubrication Systems - Low Pressure Pump


Pressure feed lubricator delivers oil to all its outlet in one revolution. Each line has a feed regulator. Maximum pressure 2000 PSI.

Oil delivery per revolution can be regulated from 0 to 0. 3 ml. Lubricator is provided with a handle and primping pump on each supply line, to give initial primping to drainout tubes of oil delivery system. Lubricator model rhp is available as per lubricating points.

Motorised drive upto 60 RPM only

1. Reservoir.
2. Oil inlet with filter.
3. Feed regulator.
4. Filler cap.
5. Oil feeder.
6. Primping unit.
7. Cylinder.
8. Piston.

Please send in your queries for details of our new model 'automatic spraying and lubricanting pump'