Lubrication System
Oil Pump
supplies oil one by one simultaneously from 1 to 10 points with single control to deliver oil to the machine directly without help of motor

mechanical drive will be taken from any moving or sliding part of the machine.
Grease Pump

We offer grease pumps with below specifications :

  • Supplies Grease One by One simultaneously from 4 to 16 points
  • Discharge Pressure 0 to 30 PSI
  • Discharge Quantity 0.75 gms Per Stroke. As per requirement
Mobile Grease Pump
Used in various industries, our mobile grease pumps are widely known for their compact size and rigid construction. These operate without an air compressor and with a reduction gear box and 230 V AC single phase motor. The pump has a plunger type with an adjustable pressure range of 0 to 50 kg/cm. These gun operated grease pumps are easily mountable on trolley.
Low Pressure Pump

Pressure feed lubricator delivers oil to all its outlet in one revolution. Each line has a feed regulator. Maximum pressure 2000 psi.

Oil delivery per revolution can be regulated from 0 to 0. 3 ml. Lubricator is provided with a handle and primping pump on each supply line, to give initial primping to drainout tubes of oil delivery system.

Motorised Oil Pump
Consisting of an oil distributor and oil pumping unit, our motorized oil pump operates with the pressure specification of up to 30 psi. Every revolution of lubricator shaft results in oil being delivered through one of the outlet. The oil delivery revolutions are measurable in the range of 0 to 0.3 ml. the flow of oil is controllable and the lubricators
High Pressure Pump
  • discharge pressure 500kg/cm square
  • pressure control valve
  • pressure indicating n. R. V.
  • pressure gauges

Please send in your queries for details of our new model 'automatic